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In addition to being a basis for money, silver has been a constant fixture in daily life for thousands of years in various capacities. The emerging market investment demand will create a greater need for physical silver bullion, confirming the reasoning and value of investing in silver.

Gold is regarded and valued as a measure of prestige and wealth and has been sought after as evidence of abundance and power throughout history. However, gold has also played an integral part in regulating the earliest economies; which shows the real influence that this essential precious metal possesses.

Silver is a soft, lustrous metal with high electrical and thermal conductivity. It occurs in nature on its own, or as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead and zinc refining. It is largely used for minting coins, jewelry and silverware, but is also highly utilized for power and industrial purposes.


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There are different ways to hold your gold investments. You can store in a fully insured secure facility, arrange personal delivery, or invest in an RRSP account.

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