I have been a client of Worldwide Precious Metals (Canada) Ltd. for over five years. John Downes (President) has been very thorough in providing me with timely recommendations that have allowed me to realize a significant gain on my original investment. I enjoy the newsletter, account access 24/7 as well as the service provided by the administration at Worldwide.

I have no hesitation in recommending them as a bullion dealer.

In July of 2008 I opened an account with WWPM and bought silver based on my expectation that precious metals and specifically silver are in a secular bull market. The salesman that I dealt with, Rob McInerney was helpful in providing me with the information and sending out the receipts and forwarding internet articles pertaining to precious metals. The several times I have asked for funds to be sent to me, I have received them promptly, usually within a day or two.

Since July of 2008 until July of 2009 while not making money on every buy, so far it has definitely been a profitable account.

I would caution any potential customers that WWPM does charge a 5% commission at purchase and 2% at sale which does add up. Also, precious metals, although in a bull market do not move all that fast, you are not going to get rich quick, and are likely to get poor quick if you leverage a purchase too much, the price does occasionally fall.

I hope to continue a profitable business relationship with this company for many years to come.

I have been working with Worldwide Precious Metals, specifically Rob McInerney for a little over a year now. Rob and the staff at Worldwide have been helpful and informative in assisting me with my interests in precious metals.

I consistently receive updates on my account status and although I control my investment Rob is useful when presenting my options. I can comfortably say that my experience working with Rob has been pleasurable.

Since the posting of the personal comments that I submitted to the “Wonderclub” website, regarding the experience I had with Worldwide Precious Metals and, in particular, investment advisor Rob McInerney, I must admit hindsight has offered some clarity. Specifically, there was no way for Rob McInerney to predict the severity of the impending financial collapse of 2008.

During my investment time with Worldwide Precious Metals, Mr. McInerney and I spoke on a regular basis about the current market happenings, often in disbelief at what was transpiring. It is only now in 2009, after seeing all that has transpired in the global financial markets over the past two years, I realize the movement made it impossible for anyone to find a safe haven.

I have been educated with this experience, and feel that I am able to recommend both Rob McInerney and Worldwide Precious Metals to be one of the rarest ethical bullion dealership, with the very best in mind for each of their clients.

Worldwide Precious Metals therefore has my full support.

In closing, I must underscore that in the future, I will never again trust a blogger with my personal comments as I did with Mr. Sean Ross, who has proven himself to be most unscrupulous in not honouring (nor even responding to) my repeated requests to have my comments removed from his website.

I have been asked to provide a personal reference for the above noted company and Senior Dealer, Rob McInerney and I have no problem doing so. I have known Mr. McInerney for over 2 years now and I have had many discussions with him about the bullion and precious metal markets. I have always found him to be personable, honest and well informed. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Since moving from my previous dealer to Worldwide Precious Metals, I have received efficient and friendly service, timely recommendations and up-to-date information on the market, which has allowed me to reach a significant gain on my original investment.

Worldwide Precious Metal’s track record and their ability to store or deliver physical, precious metals bullion products are what first drove me to work with them.

A relationship built on trust and a strong belief in physical precious metals ownership is what has kept me a client for many years.

With the volatility in the world economy I find some comfort whenever I’m dealing with Worldwide Precious Metals. My agent Thomas allows me to keep up to date with the bullion market and he is always there to answer any of my questions. In the past, investing in precious metals always seemed very foreign to me but when I spoke with Thomas about what I could do with my budget it was great to find out that with no minimums anyone can start an account. I have been with Worldwide Precious Metals for several years now and was able to capitalize on the weakening Canadian Dollar thanks to their help. I would definitely encourage anyone hesitant about purchasing their own bullion as one of their strategies for preserving wealth to give Worldwide a call.


I am a realtor in Vancouver.  I looked to Thomas at Worldwide Precious Metals to help me diversify my portfolio and was instantly impressed with his knowledge and guidance in investing in fancy coloured diamonds. I’m very pleased with the performance of my investments and look forward to working with Thomas in the future. 


“My wife and I opened a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) with Questrade online. Sophia at Worldwide Precious Metals was very helpful to explain how it works and she was great assisting us with the process and “filling in the blanks”, making the transfer and opening our account go much smoother. Although the initial set up was tricky I know if I were to do it all over again, I’d be able to do it better the second time around!

I have to say, it is pretty nice to have this type of self-directed account, where you can use both USD & CAD currencies, and have your savings backed with bullion. It gives me more options to make money. Setting up an RRSP through the bank nowadays is scary. I feel more secure about holding physical silver and also having the option to take delivery of it at any time.”

I have been a client of Worldwide Precious Metals (WWPM) since 2004 and Rob McInerney has been my agent since 2007. Rob and WWPM are very knowledgeable and a trusted partner that I confidently rely on to help manage my precious metals portfolio. Rob is tuned into the market like no one else and his insight has been a valuable asset to my overall investing strategy. Rob and the team at WWPM are always available and willing to take the time to discuss, inform and educate and this has been invaluable in my long term strategy. Rob is often calling, keeping me updated and making sure that I am aware of any opportunities that may be coming. He truly cares about his clients and it is something I really appreciate.

In 2015, I began working with WMS Financial. Hal, Ryan, David and the entire WMS Financial team have been absolutely terrific to work with and they have implemented a very strong and innovative financial plan which has been an excellent complement to my strategy with Rob and Worldwide Precious Metals. I definitely have a complete team working with my investment strategy and this gives me total confidence in my long term investing and my family’s wealth and security.

I highly recommend Worldwide Precious Metals and WMS Financial to anyone looking to grow their wealth by having a secure and sound investing strategy.

My wife and I feel so much better and less anxious about the future, financially speaking. Rob McInerney, my agent at Worldwide Precious Metals introduced me to WMS Financial who has since set us up in an investment teen hat looks very secure and should give us financial stability for our retired years. I owe this to Rob who, because of my constant complaining about the CRA never seeming to have enough of my meagre fixed income facilitated that partnership. I know if more seniors were aware of this opportunity, they would jump on it. I suppose now is the time to load up on silver and gold when it looks as if there is upward momentum.

I wish to thank Rob McInerney & Worldwide Precious Metals again for introducing me to WMS Financial.

Mr. Downes,

Please extend my congratulations to Thomas. He’s an excellent choice for your company. He’s serviced my small but growing account with personal interest and care. I will certainly be doing more business in the future with diamonds. At this time I will talk to him about the special on gold noted below.

Interesting you mention James Rickards.  I just finished his book “The Death of Money”. Its full of interesting facts to consider in investing.

Once again, good choice in President & CEO. 

A visit to Vancouver is not complete without stopping in to see Rob McInerney. Anyone paying any attention at all to world events knows how important it is to allocate a healthy percentage of their savings in precious metals. Rob keeps up to speed with current events (there is a lot going on!) and will help with your metal purchases. Worldwide Precious Metals is the answer to one of the biggest problems with precious metals which is liquidity. Be sure to have Rob explain this 😉

I have been doing business with World Wide Precious Metals for over 2 years now. Their business methods are efficient and transparent. Thomas has always made himself available when I needed to make a trade or for advice. I highly recommend them.

I have been doing business with World Wide Precious Metals for over 2 years now. Their business methods are efficient and transparent. Thomas has always made himself available when I needed to make a trade or for advice. I highly recommend them.

I have been a client with WorldWide now for a little over a year and I couldn’t be more happy with the service I have received. Someone is always around to answer any questions I have and the insight I have been provided about commodity markets has really improved my financial knowledge. The best part about utilizing WorldWide is that my mind is always at ease knowing that these guys really care about my financial future, I am constantly updated on trends and market moves so that my investment is always in an advantageous position. I would recommend WorldWide Precious Metals to anyone looking to secure hard assets, which should be everyone. Thanks WorldWide team! and keep up the good work.

Getting into investing in previous metals was daunting. Tom and his team put those concerns to rest. I did not understand the difference between hypothetical gold and buying physical bullion until Tom laid it out clearly and in a way that made sense. I highly recommend these guys. You won’t be disappointed.

I had the pleasure of doing business with Thomas this year and was blown away by the value of what his firm offered. Top quality gems without the marketing fluff. The ring I bought would have easily costed $15k more at the Tiffany’s downstairs, if they even carried it. I highly recommend this gem that deals in gems.

I recently purchased gold from World Wide Precious Metals. This was my first purchase with them so I wasn’t sure how the process would go, but I will say that I couldn’t be happier. My sales contact Brad was absolutely amazing. He answered all my questions and walked me through the process in a very professional and friendly manner. Not only was the service excellent, but I received my gold the very next day through overnight delivery. Top notch. Thank you Brad. I will definitely be purchasing from you again and will recommend this company to everyone.

Buying a diamond seemed daunting, but dealing with Thomas made the whole process enjoyable and easy. He helped me achieve exceptional value with a spectacular stone, and his service was tremendous