I have been a client of Worldwide Precious Metals (WWPM) since 2004 and Rob McInerney has been my agent since 2007. Rob and WWPM are very knowledgeable and a trusted partner that I confidently rely on to help manage my precious metals portfolio. Rob is tuned into the market like no one else and his insight has been a valuable asset to my overall investing strategy. Rob and the team at WWPM are always available and willing to take the time to discuss, inform and educate and this has been invaluable in my long term strategy. Rob is often calling, keeping me updated and making sure that I am aware of any opportunities that may be coming. He truly cares about his clients and it is something I really appreciate.

In 2015, I began working with WMS Financial. Hal, Ryan, David and the entire WMS Financial team have been absolutely terrific to work with and they have implemented a very strong and innovative financial plan which has been an excellent complement to my strategy with Rob and Worldwide Precious Metals. I definitely have a complete team working with my investment strategy and this gives me total confidence in my long term investing and my family’s wealth and security.

I highly recommend Worldwide Precious Metals and WMS Financial to anyone looking to grow their wealth by having a secure and sound investing strategy.