In July of 2008 I opened an account with WWPM and bought silver based on my expectation that precious metals and specifically silver are in a secular bull market. The salesman that I dealt with, Rob McInerney was helpful in providing me with the information and sending out the receipts and forwarding internet articles pertaining to precious metals. The several times I have asked for funds to be sent to me, I have received them promptly, usually within a day or two.

Since July of 2008 until July of 2009 while not making money on every buy, so far it has definitely been a profitable account.

I would caution any potential customers that WWPM does charge a 5% commission at purchase and 2% at sale which does add up. Also, precious metals, although in a bull market do not move all that fast, you are not going to get rich quick, and are likely to get poor quick if you leverage a purchase too much, the price does occasionally fall.

I hope to continue a profitable business relationship with this company for many years to come.