Take advantage of your RRSP & TFSA money by converting weak Canadian dollars into Gold or Silver before the March 1st deadline!

Gold has begun the year up just under 7% this year, quietly moving under the radar as the world continues to be distracted by President Donald Trumps force fed policy changes. What’s important to note is how quickly and effectively these changes are taking place. The Donald is a business man, it’s all about the art of deals. I know he understands the impacts of a strong U.S. dollar as he’s mentioned many times during the campaign “our dollars too strong, we need to bring it down”. If the U.S. and Donald Trump have any hope of boosting exports, a weaker dollar is mandatory. Tax cuts to large corporations are useless without a currency accessible by all potential consumers.

With a weaker U.S. dollar comes higher gold prices, a by-product of a declining “trade currency” comes higher commodity prices just like in 2009-2012. The best part, if I’m wrong, U.S. dollars continue to rise, Canadian dollars continue to lose against dollars so for Canadians, gold and silver are win win!

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