Delivery vs Private Vault

From the Desk of Worldwide Precious Metals

It has been long preached that “he who owns the gold makes the rules”, therefore gold investors are determined to take possession of their gold. In today’s corrupt markets, I can understand why.

Here are a few advantages of taking delivery to your home:

  • 100% Confidence you own your gold.
  • You can use your gold in exchange for other goods or services, provided that the value of your holdings matches what you are exchanging and the other party is willing to accept.
  • No storage fee!
  • Portable wealth held outside of the banking system.

Here are a few advantages of taking delivery within a private vault with Worldwide Precious Metals:

  • 100% Confidence you own gold with daily vault audits and quarterly third party audits. (Never failed an audit)
  • We have 14 years of experience accessing the market.
  • You have instant liquidity in one ounce increments on any market around the world.
  • We provide automatic stop buy and sell order services to help you achieve specific pricing goals.
  • You can take delivery of precious metals or currency in any country around the world.
  • No assay prior to liquidation is required.
  • You have the options to instantly finance, secure additional product, and extract profits.
  • Delivery in 1 ounce increments is available for paid product at any time.
  • WWPMC uses International Depository Agreements where product is stored at state of the art approved storage facilities, NOT BANKS.
  • Jurisdiction – Regardless of the state of countries, economy clients holding bullion with Worldwide Precious Metals will be protected against capital controls therefore ultimately protecting your assets.
  • Our interpretation of tax law is that in some cases costs associated with this investment (commissions, storage, etc.) may be tax deductible. Please consult your accountant for clarification.

I think we can all agree that the only disadvantages of keeping your bullion stored are simply the uncertainty of the existence of your physical products in the vault and storage fee.

I can tell you in the 9 years I’ve been with Worldwide Precious Metals I have never had an issue delivering vaulted gold, silver, platinum or palladium nor have I experienced an inability to buy or sell on any open market.


Although I appreciate one’s desire to secure wealth in a personal, private and physical format but I always go back to the one big question: why am I buying gold to begin with? To protect wealth.

This doesn’t discount the fact that buying into any of the 4 precious metals couldn’t potentially generate returns beyond one’s wildest dreams like some have experienced from 2002-2011. But remember, there’s only one way to lock in profit, SELL!


Again, let me be clear, this isn’t a call to all gold owners to send all their bullion in and set up a private storage account. I simply want to bring to those gold owners’ attention that delivery is wise but liquidity is invaluable. My biggest fear for those that buy and sell gold at local coin shops is that those small shops and dealers are unable to handle the large volume of liquidations as what we expect out of this market. Consider your holdings and multiply by $50 silver, $2000 gold, just above the previous highs of 2011, unless your small dealers are holding significant cash on hand to pay out on bullion liquidations, you’ll be in line and out of luck.


Now take those numbers higher as I know all of you that hold gold and silver believe, and ask yourself the question again: will they be able to take in my bricks and bars and instantly give me cash in return?

Next, integrity. Your bullion dealers are not obligated to accept your bullion. Although, you may have a fantastic relationship with them right now but when prices rise and liquidations begin what is your guarantee that they’ll facilitate your liquidation? Be prepared for your dealer to say “ASSAY REQUIRED.”

All bullion outside of an approved private vault or depository up for liquidation is subject to an assay.

You need to ask yourself: am I prepared to ship and assay my gold prior to liquidation; how long with that take, at what price, and how much do I expect to pay for the assay and shipping; what will the market do while I wait to liquidate? These questions all need to be factored into the profitability or protection of one’s wealth.


If the price of gold and silver rise to levels we’ve never witnessed in history I can assure all of your depositories will require every ounce of bullion to be assayed. Who’s responsible for that assay fee? Any guesses? Yep, you are. In a conversation with the head of one of our private vaults I asked about the best way to determine the purity of a bar. Her response was clear and very straight forward “FULL MELT.”


Lastly, this message is not intended to scare anyone or persuade investors into giving up possession of their beloved investment. I’m simply playing devil’s advocate and offering a sound alternative to protect one’s wealth for a portion of one’s physical holdings.


Worldwide Precious Metals accepts bullion as collateral to open a stored bullion account, with a minimal fee that includes the cost of shipping and 1.5% storage per year. You may also opt for allocated storage that allows you to keep your own metal segregated with your serial numbers. Curious or disagree with what I’ve written, please feel free to reach out to any of us here at Worldwide Precious Metals to discuss this further.


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– Rob McInerney, Bullion & Diamond Dealer, WWPM